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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mixed Media

I love all kind of art. I have done a lot of different things from murals to signs, from acrylic to mixed media. Each one is a form to create a mood or a message. Each person relates different to them.

My new piece is a mixed media canvas. Titled "Spring"

This is the new addition to the mixed media group.

I want to take a moment while we are talking about mixed media, and thank The Feathered Nest for her introduction on her blog today. She is a talented artist of mixed media. Go check her out.


Romeo said...

Welcome Deneen! So happy to have you here in blogland! Allow me to introduce name is Romeo and I am ferocious extraordinare! And although I am a cat, I am a blogging cat who enjoys roaming the alleyways of blogland and visiting with kind others of both the four legged and two legged kind. And now that Dawn has introduced you and I have stopped by, I hope you'll allow me to come by and visit again. I am so enjoying your art - esepciallly your newest creation with the silouetted birds on book (?) pages! I could sit and look at that one for a long time.....of course then you might have to charge me rent or something so I guess I'll move along now, but, I'm SURE that next time, I'll have to take some more time and admire it again....have a great week!


Romeo and "her"

Deb said...

I discovered your blog today, thanks to the feathered nest. I went back to the beginning and read all your posts so far. You are off to a great start! You have such a beautiful home. Your creativity is evident in every room. Thanks so much for sharing all this.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Deneen, I am popping over from Dawn's place to say hello and welcome! Your spring collage is so very pretty and I love the simplicity of the black and white one. Happy belated to hubby! Banana pudding! yum! I'm originally from Mississippi and my Mammaw made the best. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy