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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunroom, a moment in bliss

My favorite room in my house is the sunroom. The minute I walk in the room the light wraps around me like a warm hug. I am one of those people that need sunlight. It just makes me feel wonderful, puts a pep in my step and makes everything look better.

This room stayed empty for a while because I wanted the couch to be a little different than the one in the living room. I really loved the one I found at Pottery Barn but did not want white cushions due to the dark animals in the house. I found one similar at Pier I with tan cushions that worked much better for me and bought it. I love the texture and weave of the rattan. It didn't take long to fill the room up with extras and like every room in this house it is a work in progress. I love changing things around and finding new projects to add.

This is the room I drink my coffee in and watch rabbits tumble. I love to read here and I would paint here if I wasn't so messy. The birds sing a melody every morning as if to reassure me of the beautiful day ahead. With 15 windows I get to see everything panoramic outside. I think I appreciate all the beauty a little more because I am an artist and I really take time to observe my surroundings.

This is my moment in bliss. A short time of the morning when everything is at peace.


Kristin said...

What a beautiful, comfortable home! I'd love to be reading a good book on that couch right now!

Lisa said...

I can see why you love it! The sun shining in makes it look so relaxing!