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Monday, April 9, 2012

Stone Texture Technique with Paint

While shopping for that extra something to be creative with, I found this picture. No, I haven't got a place for it in my house! Not my style! But I think I can create something with it!

I did like the frame with all of its carved details. It was a plastic frame but I was going to turn it into stone! Well with paint of course. I used a dry brush technique like the one in my Lamp Redo post. I actually painted on and wiped off on that post. This one is painting light on dark.

I painted right over the print with chalk paint and continued to the frame. Using my brush to push paint into the crevices.

  This is how it looked when the paint dried. I went back and touched up any surface that I missed.

With detailing like this it is easy to highlight. I used gesso and dry brushed in a circular motion. In my lamp redo I used a beige paint. The key is to dry brush.

See how it starts to pull out the details. I love the texture the ASCP has when painted.

There really isn't a way to mess this up. Just make sure you don't cover over all the dark color.

This is some yummy detailing. It changed an ugly gold plastic frame into this!

What a change! OK I photo-shopped my blog on the chalkboard! Come back tomorrow to see my inspired artwork that is going on it with colored chalk!

How do you like the before and after?


bonniegetchell said...

It's so cute! I love the highlighting you did to all the details :)

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

Grace said...

So cute what a great idea. Grace

Anonymous said...

Nice ideas on your blog!

sissie said...

This frame has great style and detail. I love that you painted right over the print. Love the detailing with gesso and paint.


Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!

imsteelefullofscrap said...