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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Remove Wood Veneer/Laminate

Sometimes I feel I have projects that overlap each other! Many stay captive to my Nikon or computer! One day I will sift through them all and post the ones that never have been seen. Does this happen to you?

I can take pictures everyday but I procrastinate on my posts. This is a project that I started a few months ago and just finished this week.

My sister gave me a little antique table that had such sweet lines. There was a big problem. The top had a big chunk of laminate out of the corner. My first thought was to cover it with some paper to hide it but felt that it would still look uneven.

This was a perfect candidate for paint! I was puzzled on what to do. Then I remembered the little old man that put in our laminate counter tops years ago at our old house. He talked about how heat molded the laminate to the top of the wood. He told me that he removed wood laminate the same way. With HEAT!

Soak an old rag with water and wring out. Lay on top of table and iron over it. The heat will loosen the laminate enough to peal off!!

What would have taken hours to chip away took minutes to scrap off because it came off in big pieces.

After completely dry I sanded it smooth. I painted, distressed and waxed it.

This is the corner that was chipped! Not bad huh?

I love the way this method took a piece that was tossed for garbage to a beautiful accent table!
I added my pattern puff to a stained terra cotta pot for some easy eye candy!

Maybe you would want to paint this like I did with my butterfly table
from last year

Wanted to share this with you so you can try it!

Remember think twice about passing up a piece like this!!

Another thank you.....

Thanks to Knock Off decor for featuring my Chalkboard Art!!

Thank you for being here reading my posts and all your sweet comments!!!

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Roisin said...

Great tip--thanks for sharing. Was the top laminate or veneer? Also, I have another question. I have been wanting to try chalk paint, and everyone mentions waxing the piece after using chalk paint. Do you use paste wax like Johnson & Johnson that you use for wood floors?

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

I pinned this! Love the tip!

Alison Agnew said...

well isn't that
just a great tip?

i had an old buffet
that involved me
peeling off the laminate
one little piece at a time

wish i'd known your way!

thanks for sharing
at Fridays Unfolded

i just featured
your post on the S&N
Facebook page too.

now following!


Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Brilliant, Deneen!!! I adore this tip. And the table looks beautiful. :)

Siding New Jersey said...

Great tips, thanks for sharing. I've been trying to fix up my parents old house, and it's just one problem after another.

OSr Group said...

Brilliant tips. Thank you for sharing that.
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Unknown said...

I just did this to the top of an old dresser that was my 45 yr old twin brothers first dresser as babies. It was old than. I finished in about an hour, wonderful. My husband had been trying to sand if off for three days.)