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Monday, April 30, 2012

It's A Small World

Over the weekend I went to a party to celebrate my friends accomplishment of running in the Country Music Half Marathon. They trained for a long time and they made it to the finish line.

Flashback a few years ago. I was on Facebook talking to some friends. You see when I was in High School in New Jersey my parent's decided to move to Tennessee. I was going into my Junior year of school. It was summer and I didn't get to say goodbye to a lot of my friends. It was not like today. No cell phone, No Facebook, No Skype, just a few hand written letters. (Remember those?) Needless-to-say, it was very traumatic to me.

Then a few years ago I got Facebook and was once again connected to the many friends I had left. Some looked different, some still the same and some I can remember the name but not the face.

I go back home to see family and friends from time to time. Leaving NJ kept me holding on to memories that most forgot. After all it, was the place where I grew up.

One day I was commenting on a friends status from NJ and my girlfriend Colleen wrote that it was hot in Tennessee. I commented, "How do you know?" She said, "Cause I live here!" When I asked where she informed me that she lives close to me! ........WHAT?!!....... It is a small world!

So this weekend she invited me over to celebrate her accomplishment and said that another one of our friends was flying in to join her. Colleen and Tara are best friends. I haven't seen Tara in 32 years! Yeah I said it!! YUK! It really freaked me out that it had been so long!!!

I surprised her. It was weird how everything just kinda fell in place. We talked about school and friends we had in common. The strangest thing though was how our daughters were so much alike. It was so much fun. It is great to rekindle friendships. I have some really great friends. I hope to keep in touch with these girls.

This year I will be celebrating my 30th reunion. Looking back I realize that things are different now that I am older. There are a lot of things that mean more to me now. One thing is I cherish my friendships even more!

I love making new friends too. Blogging has introduced me to a lot of new ones!!! What kind of "small world" experiences have you had?

You are never too old for friends!
Thanks for being here!

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