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Monday, September 17, 2012

Painted Desk {Praying for an A}

I don't lnow how some of you do it. I look at your blogs and you seem to have it all together. You all do so much and continue to put up posts everyday! I wish I could find the rythym to get in the groove. I think just keeping up with the voting on my craft room is enough!! ( by the way please vote here)

I have been painting till I can't see straight. Furniture is taking over my house like some monster blob from a science fiction movie. All this to get ready for the Bella Rustica Barn Sale Sept 28-30 in Pulaski, Tennessee. The problem is when I get a piece ready for the sale I sell something in the store or to a client and then I have to start all over again! SOMEONE HELP!! I need some pointers from you guys on how to keep this running smooth!

Here is one of those times....
This is a piece I just did for a little boys room. The client wanted a masculine, artsy look, combine with verses from the bible.

The color RED....

I started with the base color of blue. This helped darken the red a little bit and made it nice when sanding The color showed through.

The chair was done the dame way. I stenciled the numbers from a verse in the bible. The drawers where all verses also.

"Beat it up!" was what the client said. They wanted it distressed and I think that is what make this piece stand out. Since the drawer borders where a creamy white sanding the painted words and border gave it the worn out look.

I then went back and added some more blue in painted brush strokes. Then resanded.

Such a great statement to a room. And who doesn't need a little divine intervention when studying for that important test? We have all prayed for a little help in getting that "A"!

Thanks for reading! So glad you stopped by!

Ok back to getting ready for the sale....Let the countdown begin.

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Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

Love the red!! very nice desk

Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

Love it! And I think it is a good problem to have...that your stuff keeps selling..
Keep up the good work!

Carol said...

I love that desk!!!

Faye@The Shabby Cottage Home said...

Love the desk. My daughter is trying to do our blog for our shop. and she is having a hard time trying to do it alllll!!
It diffently isn't as easy as it looks!!!