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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interior Decoration {Anthropologie Inspired Mirror}

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Who says you have to go to Interior Design School?  School is a good thing but there is so much to learn now online. Looking at blogs and magazines, there are many designers teaching you everyday. Google+ has videos. Pinterest has become an online design school where we can pin the latest designers work with step by step instructions. Another favorite place to get my "online interior design school" inspiration is surfing through catalogs. All the great stores and designers are on the web. A design school mecca. I also like going to the stores. A big inspiration, was last month when I was in NYC, all the design elements were amazing. Loved the accessories too.

As I was looking at stores, I remembered one I was in that had a beautiful mirror adorned with a pine cone looking flower. It was in Anthropologie of course! Always good inspiration there. So I snapped a picture of the interior decoration. I was going to knock it off!

I really didn't want to use my framed mirrors. I wanted to do something different. I purchased a box of plain mirror tiles. They are very inexpensive. I only needed one so I put the others away for another project.

I needed something to mount it on so I put together some garden stakes for a platform. I applied a watered down paint to the boards so the wood grain would show. I used blue, green and white, alternating the colors.

I glued the sticks together with wood glue and attached with screws, two flat wooden paintsticks to the back to hold it together.

I used two mirror hinges and screwed them to the back for hanging on the wall. Measured down equally on both sides.

Then I started cutting pine cones, and cutting and cutting. Little flowers just like the flowers I made for the Shabby Chic Pine Cone Frames I made.

Aren't the so pretty? I love they way they look. There are so many things you can make with these. I know your mind is turning.

I used liquid nails for the back of mirror and attached it to the painted side of the board. I attached it and forgot to take a picture AAAAhhhhhhhhh then I took it off that is why the glue looks this way.

I continued gluing around the mirror. Alternating sizes. I even used the bottom of one turned upside down.

Let dry and hand or leave on a shelf. I hung it on the wall in my sun room. The colors look so nice in there.

So this is my version of the original. My knock-off decor. Interior design comes in all ways. Online, magazines, stores etc.  Aren't we lucky to have all these wonderful places to get inspiration? Adding your own personal style and creativity to it makes it perfect for you.

I hope you like it and create something for yourself. I hope I inspired you to see something different!

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Pascale said...

Great Idea. I love it. Regards, Pascale

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

LOVE those pine cones!! :)

Divine Theatre said...


That would be perfect in a cabin! Yo always come up with such clever projects!



Little Miss Maggie said...

That is totally adorable. I love the natural color of the pinecones with the soft watery blues. Reminds me of seaside decor. Perfect for a beach cottage.

Sandy Camarda said...

Beautiful!! :)Have a great weekend!