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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Magazine Storage Black End Table

It is a dreary day today in Tennessee. I have been stuck with a stiff neck for a few days and nothing is getting done!!! I did manage to paint this Magazine Storage Black End Table.

I have painted end tables in the past like my compass table and butterfly table, but nothing like this one. It had the craziest shape I had ever seen. I really didn't know what the sides were for. I asked several people and they told my for paper and Magazines.

I like different so I made the purchase. I was a little perplexed in how I was going to paint it. I fist thought I would paint white because the wood was dark but then I came across this paper and decided on black.

I have worked with paper before like my red cabinet and french script cabinet. If you looked at my french script cabinet you can see I screwed up it can be difficult to work with but I love the contrast it has.

Like I said it has a weird shape. And it really is ugly!

Have you ever seen one like this? It was a pain to paint because of all the dowels. I used a real black latex because I like a true black color. I only papered the sides.

I used mod podge and wrapped the paper around the sides. This little table is great for storage. I placed a few books on it but it really holds a lot more. These are the things that are great sellers.
Easy furniture to pick up and put in your car.

It really made the difference! I love the contrast too!

I didn't properly thank Sissie at Sissie's Shabby Cottage for featuring my Angel Thank you!!! Not only did she do a post about them, she put her in her booth!!! Her came out better then mine I might add!!!

Thanks to all of you for following me, featuring my things and being an inspiration!



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

what a funky little table! i love it! :)

sissie said...

Ahh, how sweet of you. I made a pair of the angel wings for my sister and a pair for myself and one for our booth. I also used the same technique and made a Valentine heart. I really love that you shared this great idea.
I'm loving your little funny shaped table too. I really like the toile black and white that gives it such a pretty look.
You are always so full of ideas and I always leave here inspired.


Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

It does look a little akward to paint, but the new look is SO much better

srpprcrftr said...

You weren't kidding that is a funny little table but I like it cause it is different. Never seen one like it but who knows what we might come across. LOve what you did with it, the paper is so pretty and fresh.
I'm getting really disgusted with our local thrift store, no great furniture any more or lately. I've even gone so far as to get up earlier on Wed. (they open for week on Wed.)so I can check out what I might be missing. Very discouraging lately but I'll keep hunting.
I've heard about a new Salvation Army thrift store that opened but it's way across town from where we live. But curiosity is killing me so I'm gonna have to make the trip.
But first I have to find out where the durned place is. Seems to be a well guarded secret.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

I think it is getting harder! The Salvation Army is a good place. The one here closed and I love it. Very good prices. I would try to find it!
Thanks for stopping in.