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Friday, August 12, 2011

Take Advantage of the Repost

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Color and Design are two of my favorite words. I like to think that  my blog encompasses the two. From time to time I come across interesting people and places that incorporate what I love and I like to showcase them. Nothing says color and design more than this store.

A friend of mine owns a store in New Jersey called ColorStoryHome. I know a perfect name right? I had the pleasure of interviewing her and I thought you would enjoy reading about this awesome store and seeing pictures. She has graciously offered free shipping to anyone interested in shopping! Read more below.

1.Tell us about CSH

ColorStoryHome is defined by the simplest of philosophies. If a color makes you happy, live in it. There are no mistakes.
(see about us on website)

2. How would you describe your design style?

Eclectic at best, inspired by all types of design - a melting pot really...of pieces that thru some simple relation work well together - love the unexpected.

I love this so much!!!!

3. What type of items can we expect to find?

All types of home accents and furniture in fab colors.

4. Do you showcase a particular collection?

Many in fact. Some favorites: Porcelain hand-graphic'd dinnerware from Christopher Jagmin Designs, Sid Dickens Collection of Timeless Memory Blocks (shop only but can be ordered via phone, 973-744-8338), Jonathan Adler, etc.
Just added Waechtersbach Ceramics from Germany and the Joya Perfumes in Porcelain Collection.

I love Sid Dickens!

5. Do you have a favorite piece?

This Cloisonne Box designed by Fabienne Jouvin, Paris. It is beyond my favorite. A piece that looks so simple from a distance but in fact, the workmanship is incredibly crafted and the pigmentation of color is sublime. This box has been the inspiration for many a design.

Thank you so much Barbara for taking your time out to show us this fabulous store!

If you place an order you will get FREE shipping!!! Use the code DREAMINGINCOLOR2011 

Barbara will offer this thru the end of August!!! So have fun shopping!

You can go to her facebook page and "like" her! There are always new things and specials you can find there.
you can also find her on twitter.

Thanks to Homework for the feature of my Cool Cooler

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