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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Union Jack Piano Bench

If you have been on my blog awhile you know I love painting furniture! Not just painting but trying to think up ideas to be more creative and artsy. One of my favorite projects that I have done is my French Piano Bench last year. It must have been your favorite too because it is one of my most viewed projects! When I finished the bench I purchased another one. This, like many, have sat around waiting for something to be done with it.

I guess I was so excited when this one sold that I couldn't wait to get another one. Problem is I never really got into what I wanted to go on it. So it sat!

Then the other day I thought I had come up with the perfect idea and changed it again. UGH!

It sat in my living room till I decided to put a Union Jack on it. Funny I haven't painted that yet. Even though it is very popular I never really wanted to paint one....till now. I think it is a perfect piece for this,

Love the distressing...Love the colors and honestly I love piano benches.  They are so versatile. They have storage, can be used as a table and it is a great accent piece. Maybe I will come up with another one now that this is finally done!

Have you ever had a piece sit for a long time till you finally came up with some inspiration?

I love that this piece is so different from the first one I did.

Also had a great time setting up a booth at The Vintage Halloween Festival at The Art Barn! Thanks to Dawna and Joe for all the sweet comments and help! Love this sculpture! Proud to be a part of some great artisans!!

I want to thank Colleen from B real magazine for a mention of me with a link to my blog too!!
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srpprcrftr said...

Really enjoy your blog and the projects you do. I especially like the french bench and the Union Jack bench. Love how the colors are muted and softened, looks like it can be used and enjoyed.
I haven't done anything yet in the Union Jack design so just might have to have hubs make me a bench I can do that on.
When we lived in MT hubs made several of the benches, some smaller like small stools and some in bigger benches. I still have one he made for me for our anniversary when we still lived in MT. They were one of our best sellers.
Now hubs doesn't have a garage or shed to work in as he did in MT then KY so he has to drag all his tools out to our back deck.
We live in Western CO now. Think I might just have him make a couple benches like the one I have, it's so handy, we use it in our bedroom to put shoes on, etc.
They're made out of plain old pine but they seem to last forever. We still have a couple of the stools also which I use to put my feet up on when I'm in my studio working or on the pc.
Have a happy weekend