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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beautiful Paper

I got to get away a few days with some girlfriends of mine. We went to Atlanta! This is the third year we have gotten together. We always have a blast. We ate at a few good places, celebrated Day of the Dead at a Mexican Restaurant and Cantina and shopped till we dropped!

While I was there I picked up a few things to create with. One of those things was this beautiful paper.

When I saw it I knew it had to go inside my piano bench! I have fallen in love with papers before. I love the colors and the art work. One of my favorites was my red hutch with birds. I also loved the little french cabinet.
Both have sold! I think it is important to say that I think papers set a piece aside to be different. They make something "One -of-a-Kind"! I don't use them on everything. It needs to be special. I have to get a feeling of a kind of "marriage" if you will, it has to fit.

The difference with this one is that it will go on the inside. It will make for a wonderful surprise!

It adds a little something special to an already different piece. I took the pictures at night so the color isn't right, darn!

Well I thought it was done but to my surprise this paper showed up to take it to the next level.

Have you ever added to a piece you thought you were done with?


Unknown said...

It's happened more often than not!!! Love your newest addition and absolutely adore you flag finish...
Heather @ Larissa Hill Designs
PS. I'm your newest follower.

Divine Theatre said...

I love the bench! I never thought about adding paper...excellent idea!
I am never done with anything...perpetually tweaking! LOL!