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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Christmas Surprise

It has been a hard week around here.  Sometimes it is hard to find joy in things when there is such sadness.

But today we got a little joy.....

Several months ago my daughter moved in with my son when she started working closer to his house. The travel to and from work was easier. When she moved there she brought her cat Zoe to live with them.

Zoe was a cat she saved when she was a little girl. She found the stray in the back of the sign shop where I worked. She was a flea infested kitten that wanted love. We took her to the vet and they gave her her shots, got rid of the fleas, and spayed her. With her father's approval, the cat became hers.

Zoe lived with us for 10 years before she moved to the other side of town. One day in July, my daughter left for work and when she came home the cat was gone. The door was left open and she got out and ran away. My daughter was crushed. She cried for weeks. To make it worse it was my daughter's birthday.

Funny even when they are older a mother still wants to comfort their child. I told her, after several weeks, that maybe someone found her and took her in. I couldn't imagine the worse.

Since then, my daughter moved back home.

Today my son called to say he wanted to bring over her Christmas gift early. She was excited because she had been home sick for a couple of days. I was suspicious. I was hoping it wasn't anything with fur. I told him I was done with getting more animals. Remember I still have the doggies.

So he came in and sat us both down on the couch. Then proceeded to bring in a cat carrier.

Turn it around for her to see......

       I sat thinking .....I guess I am going to have to smack my son.  lol

She let out a gasp and broke into tears....she was sooo surprised. My son stood there so proud of himself.

I was soo happy to see her happy.

Then she said it........ZOE!!!!! WHAT!!! I said, Oh My God! I started to cry! The cat came back to my son's house after 6 months! Her girlfriend grabbed her up and they drove to the house to deliver it.

A very Merry Christmas for us all!!! 
Here is hoping you find some joy in this week and always!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Ahh, this warms my heart!!! I'm so glad that your daughter and Zoe were reunited. This is a wonderful story.


miss flibbertigibbet said...

What a great story! That was a nice Christmas gift!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

What an amazing story, Deneen!! Yay for happy endings! :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my gosh ~ the same thing happened to me once. My beloved siamese cat Scamper went missing ~ I looked for him for days and days. After about 3 months I gave up and figured he was gone forever.
Then about 6 months later my husband called me at work and said listen to this ~ I could hear my cat crying in the background ~ Oh Happy Day!
So glad to hear your daughter has her beloved Zoe back!!!
Oh ~ what Joy!
Prim Blessings

srpprcrftr said...

So happy for your daughter. Losing a pet can be devastating, we love them like our children. She looks like such a pretty kitty. How great she found her way back home to her Momma. Merry Christmas to you all. Can only imagine how excited your son was to bring Zoe back.

Lily Anne said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! I am so happy for you! I know how happy you must be. I lost my beloved dog while I was out of town. The dog was in someone elses' care. I never found him.
I am very happy for you! I am so glad
Zoe is home. She is a beautiful family member <3

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Lily Ann I am so sorry for your dog. I know how hard it is to loose a pet. We had to put our dog down last week and it was a horrible thing. I will pray you find him. We were very lucky to get Zoe back after 6 months. She is happy to be home.