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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to make Angel Wings

"Angels we have heard on high"

I love angel wings! They are so popular this year. I have seen them all over trees , walls and dangling from chairs. In an attempt to get rid of some things hanging around, I came up with an out of the box idea.

I have used the ruffle shade for lots of decorating ideas. I had one that got squished from being in bag with other things. Since it hardly cost anything to make I wasn't too upset.

You know how I am! I like being different and doing different.

When I saw the crushed shade, I thought it looked like feathers.
That is how this project started from another one.

Remember my Ruffled Drum Shade?

This is where it all started.

I used the same concept.

I got a mat at the Dollar Store.

and lots of coffee filters....

This time I cut the mat in a shape of wings. The shapes are unlimited though. Think of all the neat things you can do!!

Start filling those holes with your filters. When complete press all the filters down. This is what will give it a feather look.

Just add ribbon to hang on a chair. You can use any color. I like white.
Dangle something in the center and add color or interest.

I think these would look good just hanging on a wall too.

I would add more definition to my wings next time to give them different looks.

What do you think? Angel wings DIY! Would you do it?

Fox Hollow Cottage


Divine Theatre said...

So sweet, Deneen! They look like baby bloomers! They would be so pretty embellishing a large package too!



Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Thanks Deneen for giving me a project idea. I'm out of town and staying in a condo, bored too death. I've done all the shopping I can do and I was just trying to think of an easy project to keep me busy.
I love this idea and I am so making it. Adorable Angel it.


Shannon Fox said...

They are beautiful as angel wings! So pretty :) I love coffee filter projects. They are so fluffy!!

Debbiedoos said...

Love this looks so beautiful. Who would think coffee filter wreaths. Thanks for sharing with the dollar tree party.

Linda K. said...

Guess what I can do today? What a great and cheap idea, yet so fluffy and beautiful! Thanks Deneen for a super tutorial.