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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paper Christmas, My Tree and Birthday Begins

Well it is the first of December. Boy the time sure has flown. Today my birthday celebration begins! I plan on it lasting a month. Why not? My kids do! You know all the parties, lunches, dinners and free desserts!! lol

This is the weekend I usually get my tree up but I already did it.Trying to get things done! In a word, simple!

I'm dreaming of a paper Christmas. That is what it seems like. I have made so many paper items this year. Paper ornaments, paper wreaths paper flowers and paper trees. It just seemed fitting to carry that into the tree decor. In the past, I literally had so many Christmas decorations up it looked like Macy's threw up in my house! OK TMI I know! Not this year!

Since I will be leaving soon I just didn't want to take everything out of the attic and, most of all, put everything back!! So not to be too much of a Scrooge, I put up the tree and added a little something to make it fill up the space, as seen HERE!

I started gathering things I had laying around. Most of the bird ornaments that I am selling in my ETSY and to clients so that when they are ordered I just grab them off the tree and while I am gone my hubby can help fill the orders. Keeps me on top of things. The rest is paper roses, branches, vintage lace and numbers. Yes numbers, I told you I picked up what was laying around. I made these from an old vintage game I bought to use for tags.

My favorite thing happens to be an antique chair leg I bought. It looks like a cross so I used it for my tree topper with added branches. I unfortunately only bought two and sold one that I incorporated in some art for the garden. So this is the one I had left. Didn't want the norm and this is something I know I won't see anywhere.

I added some nests I had too. I had to have something on there that was sentimental. Something that reminded me of my kids. So I added my clay eggs I made as a Mother's Day project! Love the touch.

The sun was shining in right on it giving it a glow!

It was the easiest tree ever! The garland is vintage lace I had out for a project. That finished the look. It didn't cost a dime and didn't take long to do. That is the best thing about doing a tree. You can put anything on it!

Funny thing is...I don't miss the other stuff. I guess I will see how it goes next year and maybe I will start getting rid of things!

What about you? Did you change it up or keep the same things in your decor?

Did you see I difference in how people are doing things this year? I would love to know!


ohiofarmgirl said...

I love the paper ornaments idea. I have changed mine up a lot from last year, I am going with a more vintage look and I am loving it. Dianntha

Stacey said...

Love the tree! Totally doing mine different this year too! We got a new tree I love. My old one was fairly cheap and not very full and I'd overload or with ornaments to fill in all the holes. Blue, silver, sparkly and glittery themed! Just so over that this year and loving the new tree so I left it just wrapped in burlap ribbon for a week! Slowly adding starfish tied with jute, some thick jute bows and some neutral colored ornaments we already had. Its still fairly empty but we have a toddler enjoying pulling things off so by keeping things simple it doesn't seem obvious the bottom foot or two of the tree is empty! :)

Happy birthday month!!!

Calypso In The Country said...

Your tree looks so pretty! I have been slowly getting my decorations out and I am not putting out quite as many as last year. The kids keep trying to get me to put every single thing out but I want to be a little simpler this year. Happy Birthday month! Mine was last month and I tried to stretch out the festivities as much as possible! Why not?!! Have a great week!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

I absolutely love your tree!