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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Savannah Tea House

 My Godchild's birthday celebration was yesterday with all her friends. She decided on The Savannah Tea House in historic Germantown Nashville.

It was such a sweet little place I thought I would share a little tour.

It was a rainy day, a great day for some warm tea and conversation.
 As we entered the old home we were greeted by glass jars filled with all different flavors of tea.

Every room of the house had tables set up for large and small parties.

They are opened Mon-Sat for all celebrations, birthdays, bridal showers, luncheons etc.

All this in an elegant setting. There are a hundred different teas available on the menu. Available are black teas like Strawberry Shortcake and Angel's Dream, Earl Greys like Prince of Whales, English like Royal Bengal Tiger, Estates like Lover's Leap, Oolong like Orange Blossom, and White Tea, Green Tea, Bush and Herbal.

They start out letting you pick your own tea cup. The staff brings several assorted flavors of your choosing to the table in a beautiful teapot. The first tray is miniature scones.

Every table setting had a china dessert plate in various patterns. Vintage photos and newspaper clippings laid under the glass tabletop.

 Vintage hats aligned the walls to select and wear.

A three tiered plate holder filled with tiny delights came to the table beautifully arranged.

It ended with a sorbet for the birthday girl and her friends.

There was a gift shop to buy teapots cups and teas. It really was a quiant little place that any girl of any age would love to be at.

A lovely time, with lovely girls and a happy birthday girl!


Anonymous said...

Great post. Tea parties are all the rage with the up coming nuptials of the British Royals.

Ladybird Ln said...

Wow, this looks super fun, I love all of the hats!


Val said...

Looks like such a great place!

CAS said...

What a delightful & special place. Thanks for sharing your lovely time.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful birthday girl! Is she a model?!