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Monday, March 21, 2011

Recipe Card Holder

I usually don't go for things like this but I have to say it is very useful to me. I saw something like it in blogland and I thought it would help me in the kitchen.

I went to Home Depot and purchased a square of molding and a finial. Sorry for the pictures it was late at night.

I drilled a hole in the molding to attach and screw the finial to.

I sanded the tip of the finial to flatten at an angle. I drilled a clothespin to the top. I painted it brown to go in my kitchen. You can use any color you wish for this project. I found some scrapbook paper and cut to fit some of the areas. Then I Mod Podged it! I love having the recipes upright so I can just look over at it. Best of all it doesn't take up any space on the counter.

You just clip the recipe to the clothespin!


Shabby Soul said...

I think this is too cute. How did you drill the clothespin to the finial?

Recipe Cards said...

Hi all,

Really, it's a great idea! This recipe card holder will make following a recipe much easier for any cook. Also ideal as an attractive holder for photos, notes and memos. Thanks a lot.....

Recipe Card Holder

Usman Hadi said...

How did you drill the clothespin to the finial?

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