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Friday, November 9, 2012

Trophy Wine Topper

Over the years my kids have accumulated a lot of trophies from competitions they were in. They did speech and debate for years,sports, 4H, art, service, music...the list goes on and so did the awards.

I saved every one of them so they can see their accomplishments. From Kindergarten till 8th grade they adorned their walls. Then, I would sit them down in the middle of trophies, certificates and ribbons and take a picture. Then box them away. They took their favorite ones out for display. Again, when they were seniors in High School I did it again.

They remain boxed up for their keepsakes but there were I few that they didn't mind me tearing into. You know you have them too! I mean what do you do with them? You can only have so many book ends!
 I have an easy project. Now that the kids are grown I thought it would be fun to create wine toppers.

I saved wine corks for projects but you can get new ones in a craft store. I unscrewed the top of the trophy. Drilled a little hole in the cork to get the screw started and screwed it in. That's it!!!!

How easy is that?

I have to admit, I wanted to get all the trophies out and rob the little toppers! I chose the drama masks to start. I have so many theatre friends that love these! The sports ones are great too!

Now to get this bottle open and have a glass of wine so I can use this thing!

I think these will make a great Christmas gift! 
Do you think you will try these?

If you don't have any try a thrift store!

What have you done with trophies?

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Divine Theatre said...

That is ingenious! Tassels came to mind too...for the Christmas tree!
I love this idea, Deneen!