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Friday, March 16, 2012

Making a Bird Cage Light

There are so many things out there right now that spark my interest and keep me creating. I love trying to come up with things with stuff I have on hand. As Mary and I prepared for the Bridal Show, we came up with a few ideas of things we had hanging around.

It was quite simple and I think it added some character to the space.

See that old column in the background? It became the base for our light. We added an old animal cage that was missing a top turn it on its side and hung a bird cage in the middle of it. We attached an "S" hook to the top of the column to hang the cage in front of it. We could have attached it on top but it wouldn't have looked as good because of the height.

We then added a hanging cord light from IKEA by threading it into the center of the cage.

We were able to expand the size by adding the two cages together. It also was great to have a ledge to decorate with. We added some paper roses, a Happily Ever After sign and our Bird Clips to the cage and it was done!

We added some fresh Forsythia branches to the center of the column to add a pop of color. This became the mood light for the backdrop of the table.

 Because of the wire cages it is hard to see in the pictures. All in all I think it is adorable! It added that touch of whimsy to the booth. You can bet no one else had it!!! That is what we like to do....think outside the box!

More tips to come! Stay tuned!


Rhissanna said...

That's a nice idea adding the two cages and I love the bird clips.

Southern Junk Chic said...

How creative Deneen! Looks like you and Mary are a hit at the Bridal shows! See you soon!