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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pink Bride Magazine Event

This month has been a whirlwind! So many wonderful opportunities to take part in.One was designing a space for The Pink Bride Magazine Bridal show in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

It all began with the company Catalyst Weddings and Events. Danielle Loeffler is the owner/creator of Catalyst. It is about event planning with purpose. The purpose is giving back! Imagine all those things you spent so much money on going to a greater cause. I love the idea and I love that Danielle took off with it!

This was the look a few weeks ago in Murfreesboro. I sweet vintage display! For the next show we wanted to do something different. Go to the Feb 23rd blog post at Catalyst to see our feature!

After several changes due to color and space, we came up with a garden theme.

We had an 8x16 space draped with black curtains. We covered the floor this time so we wouldn't see the ballroom carpet.

This is the BEFORE:

Pretty dull and boring but a clean slate for something creative.

This is the AFTER:

A spring garden look with blues and yellows. I just loved the pop of color!

There are a lot of wonderful things going on here. I can't wait to show you some more. I will show you some of the crafts we did for this space. Donna from Pink Bride Magazine said that the trend for weddings are going more like our booth!  She is seeing the change in her magazine also.  Yay! We are trendy! See those flowers on the wall, yesterday as I was trying to get some much needed rest, I turned on the Ellen Show and they had some similar on their set! I was a little excited about that!

I would love to know what you think about it! Please leave me a comment! It is nice to get feedback!

I am taking a few days off! Tomorrow I go for a 90 minute massage! I cannot wait! Thanks MOM! (it was a Christmas gift)

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Anonymous said...

Your display is so pretty and springlike! I've always liked blue and yellow together and you combined them so well. I will look forward to more posts on the event. said...

Wow - it is gorgeous. I love all the colors you chose. Those flowers are absolutely fabulous!!