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Friday, August 5, 2011

The "Coolest" Project Ever!


 Hey Now that's cool!

Ahh the 50's! Gotta love it! I feel I should have been a teen in the 50's. I love so much about it! The music, fashion and decor. I don't have my house filled with it but love it just the same.

When I find items that are from that time I am instantly attracted to it. Which brings me to the "Coolest" project ever!

I found a 1950's JC Higgins Aluminum cooler. It is a different piece and I instantly loved it!

I took it to the store and put flowers in it for a display. Thought it would be a cool piece for the "industrial" trend going on right now too!

When I went to the store to rearrange my items, I wasn't happy with this little guy. So I threw it in the car and took it home for some refurbishing.

I think my "cold shoulder" reaction was brought on by the inside.  It looks a little oxidized and the glue from the seal looks gross to me. I usually like the rust and old patina but this just looked dirty!

Although this is still a great piece a felt it could be better. I had an idea!!!! Uh-Oh!

This really was cleaned I swear!

I decided to upholster it with coffee sacks! I loved the artsy look on my display case! 
I cut up pieces and applied them to change this into an even "cooler" piece!

The fun thing about the sacks are all the graphics and fonts. I cut a few scraps I had and Mod Podged them to all the inside.  The key was to cut different pieces for each side.

Love the way it was looking but needed something for the strip around the seal. I cut small strips and turned under to give it a finished look. Then glued to the top.

It was just what it needed to add to the "cool" factor!
It is great for display or storage. We all could use more storage! 



 Much better don't you think? 
Before I forget I would like to thank Debbie from DebbieDoo's for featuring my white dresser. Most of all I want to thank her for being so sweet and inviting me to her newbie party every Mon. My 6 months is up and it has been a pleasure getting to know her.


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Michelle said...

Neat! Like the flour sack look! :) said...

I'll say that is COOL! I love it. Thanks for the comment on my blog - your ticket sign IS awesome!!!

Artsy VaVa said...

Great transformation! I love it.

Tammy @ Type A said...

very cool! love the inside now, really adds to the piece. thanks for partying with me!

Unknown said...

Much better indeed. Beautiful. Thank you for linking with air your laundry Friday!