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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Cut Pallets

If you follow me on social media you will know I have been gleaming about my recent Ryobi goodies. 

It all started last year at Haven. I came home with a lot of fun things especially my Ryobi Compound miter saw. I set it up in my living room the other day. It will be in the way for awhile. When I get back from Italy I will have a big project planned.

When people hear the name Ryobi, they think of Power Tools or Home Depot.
When I hear that name.......... I think of Ryobi Green and the song  "Its raining men!" 

oh and tools to create with......

During Haven I attended an awesome party Ryobi hosted. You can read about it here!

The were literally throwing tools in our hands.

I came home with a bunch of stuff.

One thing was a reciprocating saw.
This thing is awesome!! Especially for cutting up pallets.

Make sure you have a blade that is for cutting metal. You will be cutting through the nails in the pallets.
Get your saw behind the wood planks and cut straight down. It will go through the nails in seconds. Don't push too hard. Let the saw work for you. If you do twist or push you could break the blades. 
I might have done this.... lol

Have extra blades just in case!

I really love using this. No more splitting boards!

Do this on all sides.

Making sure your safety glasses are always on when using your tools!

Cut away all the boards you can use. They are perfect for old signs or to set on a table. Did I say how easy and fast this is?

Oh and I won a combo tool pack too!! In it was another reciprocating saw and this small circular saw. I used it on the boards that were hard to get the saw to go around.

Now I have a great collection of old wood to grab for projects.

I will never use a hammer and crow bar again to pry the wood.
Give it a try!

Can I get an EEEEasyyyyy?

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Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Ha! I have some great pics of Karen doing this at my house! I have a stack of pallets. Please come and bring your saw!

Jean @ said...

I wish I had this tool 15 years ago when I was actually making signs out of pallets. Now I have the tool and no pallets!

Little Miss Maggie said...

You're so brave, Deneen. I have a deep respect for electric saws and I try not to mess with them. I wish I could overcome my fear because I find pallets at the salvage yard all the time, however, you might be persuading me with this post.

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Much needed info! I'm sure there are folks out there busting pallets apart with brute strength when the saw can do the work!