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Friday, September 27, 2013

Rome Italy!

Day One

As we sat in the airport the anticipation grew! I was really going to Italy! My dream since I was a little girl.

The place where my ancestors came from.

We flew to JFK and waited for our one way flight to Rome. I was ready...

I have never flown overseas before. I was excited!

Then they announced there was mechanical difficulties with the plane and we were detained.

3 hours went by before we could board our new plane but that was ok. I knew where I was going!

I flew American...

We boarded the plane, it was bigger than the usual ones I have been in. 
There were movies, music and food to be had.

My thought was that I hope my legs and back don't cramp up sitting here so long....
I watched out the window as the plane went up the coast till the lights were few.
Then no more....

just water...

So sit back with me as I take you on my transatlantic flight to Italy! 

We decided to take a tour. Italian Vistas with Collette Travel.

We arrived in Rome and went through customs.
My first stamp in my passport!!

We were transported to our hotel. The Mediterraneo.

I was too excited to have jet lag.

We went to our European room. A little bare but clean. The bathroom was all marble and beautiful.
That's important for this DIYer!

We went for lunch to our first of many Italian Cafe's.
We were serenaded as we ate our first pizza!

My mouth is watering just looking at it!

After dinner I walked to the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica.

Every church in Italy is beautiful. Full of great architecture and beautiful paintings and sculpture. I never got sick of it!!

It was breathtaking. The priest even blessed me and I felt that my trip was going to be more special than I had imagined.

I left and went back to get ready to meet our group for the first time. Then we were going to dinner.

Dinner consisted of three courses. This would be the habit for the rest of the trip! Mama Mia! The food!!!

Bruschetta proscuito and bread with Prosecco for our Antipasto .
Lasagna with Red Wine
and Steak with Arugula
Gelato for dessert (another habit)

It was already a full day. Our group seemed to be fun and friendly and as we headed back to the hotel, we talked about how awesome it was to be in this beautiful place.

But.....we had no idea
no idea I tell you!

What was in store for us the next day.

Let me just tell you that everything I have ever seen on TV or read in books felt like a lie.
This stuff is meant to be seen!! The magnitude is beyond what one can imagine.

It was all so grand!

Hope you enjoyed Day 1!

Please follow along to see the rest of the journey!

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Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to have been to Rome a couple of times, so I can fully appreciate your enthusiasm. Beautiful pictures.

Unknown said...

Italy's an amazing place - ( all of Europe actually ) hope this was the first of many trips there for you Deneen ( you're hooked by now I'm sure lol )
We once sat on a plane for 6 hours in Paris believe it or not - scary stuff that was let me tell you!
Beautiful photos girlfriend !!!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

How fun to follow along Deneen! I wouldn't have been able to sleep when I arrived either! Love the church pics and the food...please post food pics every day!!

Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel Vintage said...

Just love your photos!! I'm sooo looking forward to experiencing Italy through your posts. I've always wanted to go there too!

Createology said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Rome is amazing and it will be fun to follow your adventures. I am fortunate to have gotten to go to Rome and lots of Italy. Blissful Joy...

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I could spend days looking at the churches alone...the beauty and architectural elements are magnificent. Looking forward to Day 2!

Jean @ said...

David is dying to go to Tuscany. Were considering a trip for our 30th anniversary. I think you just gave me the push! Glad you had a great time!

Jean @ said...

David is dying to go to Tuscany. Were considering a trip for our 30th anniversary. I think you just gave me the push! Glad you had a great time!