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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fudge Pie and A Feature

 I am so excited that my Ticket Sign will be featured on Knock-Off Decor!!!! It will be there tomorrow morning. Check it out!!!! This is exciting because I am going to be selling them so stay tuned!

You gotta try this!
This is one of my favorite pies. It is easy and fast. I love chocolate and this pie is scrumptious!

I use Pillsbury pie crust. I have made crust from scratch but honestly I like this better. I just unroll it and scallop the edges.

Don't this look yummy?

Here is the recipe for you to enjoy!

1 stick butter
1 t vanilla
1 c sugar
1/4 c cocoa
1/4 c flour
2 eggs

Mix together in a bowl and bake @350 degrees for 40 minutes.

See what I mean? Easy as pie......... (pun intended) :)......


Carol said...

Haven't had one of these years :) May have to make one this week.

The Feathered Nest said...

I am SO not surprised Deneen!!! Your ticket is gorgeous!!!! When you get enough made it sure would make an amazing giveaway girl :) and the pie? I'm drooling right now!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

Hi Jersey Girl!

That is one good looking pie.

Your ticket sign is to die for so I'm not surprised it will be featured on Knock-Off Decor.

You have wonderful talent!!!


Bonnie K said...

That looks so quick and easy! I will be trying that this weekend. Thank you for sharing.

ByLightOfMoon said...

My husband will love this and I have all the ingredients ready to go is what I love the best!

Smiles, Cyndi