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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painting and Love

Anytime I begin to paint, I begin with an emotion.......

This painting was made from pure love! My daughter at her Holy Communion.

The painting is oil so it took a long time to do. Oils take a long time to dry.
I painted this from a favorite snapshot. It is one of my early paintings. It is one that hangs in my home and is treasured.

My poor son (who I love immensely) doesn't have his own painting of himself yet but I paint for his home. Lots of crazy abstracts!

I started painting this painting horizontally. Then I turned it and saw this face. The funny thing is my son sings and writes music. I wanted to do an abstract to fit that. This was a happy accident. I then turned it and finished the painting

Both very different pieces for two very different people! 

The love is the same though! When your heart is fully immersed in something how can it be wrong!

I love creating things! I love painting! I love my children! Putting it all together........


Hope you enjoy!
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Divine Theatre said...

I love them both but the second one wants to come and live with me! LOL!

Happy Saturday!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a beautiful picture of your daughter, a proper heirloom to pass onto her.

Unknown said...

You are so incredibly talented! These are gorgeous!