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Saturday, April 9, 2011

GW Finds Deal of The Day!

I get really excited when I find a deal. Have you ever seen the movie Love Actually? Well when the girl finally gets the guy to notice her and he takes her home and she invites him in, she tells him to wait a minute goes around the corner and in a quiet moment she jumps up and down letting out a silent scream while waving her arms!!!!

Well that's what I did!

My friend Elaine and I were shopping all day hitting up consignment thrift and GW stores. I found a lot of great things. Another chandelier, an end table some odds and ends and this........

I have been searching stores and the cheapest one I found was 50% off at $45 at Kohl's. Goodwill price.....$3.99......Yippee!!!

Isn't she beautiful! (insert silent scream here)
I went home smiling because I knew it was a good day! One great find is always worth it! Although I found many but I will post those at another time.

Another GW find was this ceramic fork. Utensils on walls are popping up all over so I thought this would go great in my kitchen with a little tweaking.

The green was too olive for me so I painted it a lighter tone and glazed it again.

There was a surprise when I turned it over......

This little fork was 42 years old and not broken anywhere wow!

This is it finished. I hung it on the wall inside an antique frame.

I love the patina on the frame. I even left the old nails in it for character.

I think it needs something else on the bottom. Maybe a little sign with a word like Buon Appetito or EAT or Fork not sure but I love it anyways. It is different and I love different.

What do you think about my finds? 

Today is the neighborhood yard sale in my parent's neighborhood. So I am off looking for more deals.

I will post them here so wish my luck! 

The thrill of the hunt O' how I love thee......


Jodi said...

Great finds! I love that fork and what you did with it. Love the bowl with the pears too. Your GW rocks!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

oooh the fork is amazing - great find! Sorry about the not winning the giveaway - i'll give my hubby a poke in the ribs for not picking your name out *wink*. Mwah Scarlett x