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Friday, April 8, 2011

Patti's House Distressing a Sign

I am being featured today at

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My friend Patti invited me to her home to do some distressing on a sign that she had of her family crest. Since I was there I decided that you might be interested in a few details she had around her house that makes it fun and interesting.

Patti built her home on her parents land in Franklin, Tennessee. I need her to do a post about dealing with building a house from top to bottom! From the very beginning she had her ideas. Patti loves to decorate and loves the rustic and ski lodge look.

The pictures are not great because it was dark out and everything had a yellow tint from the lighting. Maybe you can still appreciate it. I will go back again and get better pictures to show. Because of the quality I only took a few.

Her kitchen has red cabinets with chicken wire. They really make a statement in the room.

I love this mirror in her dining room......

Her entryway is special. I love the painting on the floor. A nice touch. She has her grandfather's military uniform hanging there too. Such a nice presence in the room!

This was done with a stain and her families initials in a compass like drawing.

This is the sign I distressed by sanding and glazing. It needed the new off of it. It looks so much better now.

So if you own something already that needs a little tweaking you can add your own distressing. Some things are too white or new looking. If you like this kind of look add your own distressing. It is so easy and it doesn't take a whole lot of time.

Thanks Patti for letting me come take pictures! I will be back for better ones!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek!


Dee said...

I love the chicken wire in Patti's kitchen. The red cabinets are so pretty.

I love the look of distressed art.

Congratulations again on your sign.


Karen said...

A great home, so much personality. Congrats on your feature.

Jodi said...

The distressing looks great! I love the chicken wire too!

Shabby Soul said...

Her house is beautiful & full of personal touches. Thanks for sharing it! She picked the right gal to distress her sign! You did a great job!